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In conversation with Kerri Aab

In conversation with Kerri Aab

A conversation about what it means to be human!
kerri aab

I’ve been interviewing writers just like you and me since 2012. I started with written interviews called the Thursday Throng and maybe at some point, I’ll bring that archive over into Substack. Since 2020, I changed it to a podcast. The important thing about these conversations is that these are people who have had the courage to put their words down on paper (metaphorical or otherwise). I find I learn something from all of the lovely writers and authors I speak to, I hope you do too.

I ‘met’ Kerri when I took part in Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible challenge this year. Kerri is a master Reiki practitioner and teacher. Our conversation ranged across many different aspects of what it means to be human in today’s world. It offers an insight into how easy it is to live a guided life, rather than our usual way of operating, which is assuming that we know what the future is and can control it.

  1. Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing that can be practised in many different ways.

  2. Kerri has had four Reiki teachers and each has given her a different perspective of how self healing and hands on healing works.

  3. Works on herself every day to connect with the deeper energy that we both believe we are all part of. This grounds, energises and supports herself.

  4. She works with clients locally and at a distance.

  5. Personally, my belief is that we are all connected to a field of all that is.

  6. Originally, Kerri was taught that Reiki is it’s own energy, today she feels that it is a part of from all that generates an all encompassing sense of oneness.

  7. We talked about the rising consciousness of humanity and an increasing openness to talk about being part of something more than our physical experience of life. We acknowledged that this could also be due to echo chambers and cognitive bias.

  8. I have a project in mind related to how we write words that heal. The words we write have meaning for us, and they may have meaning for others too - but not necessarily in the way they were originally intended by the writer.

  9. Kerri’s website, Soul Speak started in 2016 after she was diagnosed with complex PTSD. She had been studying Reiki and felt a calling to use Reiki for other people. She began writing down the words that were coming to her as she practised. In later years she has seen those words coming back to her from others who read her work.

  10. Energy goes where it needs to flow. Like attracts like.

  11. Kerri’s journey into Reiki began following the birth of her daughter and has taken her on a constant expression of expanding of self in a deeply spiritual life.

  12. There is nothing to fix … No-one is broken at their core.

  13. Kerri’s Creating the Impossible project was getting a Broadway contract within 90 days. She had no attachment to the outcome and doesn’t need to achieve it to feel complete and whole. She doesn’t need it to ‘fix’ her, rather could it just be fun to try?

  14. The energy of gratitude is a more powerful prayer than a prayer asking for something to save us or change us.

  15. Three Small Smiles began because Kerri wasn’t seeing much gratitude in her life. It’s put out as a counter to the overwhelming amount of negative news we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This has become a regular practice of gratitude.

  16. Since CTI started TSS has become the place that Kerri documented her journey of seeing and doing 90 days to Broadway.

  17. What we need to transform already exists inside us, but it’s easy to forget this and look to something external to ‘save’ us.

  18. Life is an immersive, multi-faceted experience. There is only ever now and more now. We cannot go back to ‘fix’ the past and we cannot control the future.

  19. Life is about bringing an essence of joy to our experience of being here on earth.

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