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In conversation with Chris Cottom

In conversation with Chris Cottom

Winner of the Flash Fiction category Hysteria 2023

I’ve been interviewing writers just like you and me since 2012. I started with written interviews called the Thursday Throng, and maybe I’ll bring that archive over to Substack in the future.

In 2020, I changed it to a podcast and the important thing about these conversations is that they are with people who have dared to put their words down on paper (metaphorical or otherwise) for others to read. I find I learn something from all of the lovely writers and authors I speak to, I hope you do too.

This month my guest is Chris Cottom and in this episode, we talk about:

  1. Structured flash fiction using headings to organise the story and narrative.

  2. Using magic as an extended metaphor for the story.

  3. Extending Hocus Pocus into a longer-length novella in flash.

  4. The relationship between writer and reader.

  5. The discipline that a restricted word count forces on the writer.

  6. Words and writing as a significant part of Chris’s life.

  7. The value of belonging to a writing group and attending writing courses.

  8. Quantity plus quality as a formula for winning writing competitions.

As mentioned in today’s episode

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